Delso Painting offer a diverse range of quality line marking services for commercial, industrial and even residential customers.
Whether you have a requirement to restore a large shopping car park, or a small professional office, any sporting court, as well as solutions for industrial or clinical applications, Delso Painting can assist.
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All Sports Courts

Delso Painting have experience in indoor and outdoor sports court line marking. 

Delso can provide for new courts or restoration of existing

From tennis to basketball courts - we've got the experience.

Delso Painting can both line mark and apply appropriate coating of all Courts to ensure a long lasting quality result. 

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Retail and Business Car Parking

The value of clearly identified car parking is a business benefit - as well as provides safety to your customers.  

Delso can restore, or deliver a quality line marking solution for small medium or large customers.

 If you are in retail, allied health or in business - chances are you need Delso Painting

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Line Marking Removal

Do you have line marking that was temporary or no longer fits with your needs?

Need temporary, existing or old line markings removed?

Delso Painting has various types of line removal methods available. 

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Safety !! - Business and Warehouse Markings

Improve safety with Delso Painting delivering safety line markings highlighting safe walkway routes, hazards and workplace dangers.

Good signage and line marking is not only required in the workplace - but it aids efficiency and safety.

All Line marking requirements for industrial, warehouse and business needs

Internal and External needs fully cater for

Concrete sealing and surface coating

Protecting and properly maintaining concrete and other surfaces will keep it looking great for many years and prolonging its service life.

If you have an existing feature that needs restoration to original look - Delso can help.

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